Whether you need 10 units or 10,000, Array has the size, scale and scope to drive custom solutions and facilitate flexible production options to meet deadlines and exceed expectations on any merchandising program.

Well Established, Fully Prepared

When you’re managing a large-scale project, you need to know that your merchandising partner is ready and able to provide you with the custom solutions and level of service you require. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of successfully completed projects, Array has the knowledge, expertise, personnel and equipment to deliver on time and on budget.

Solution Based Approach

At Array, we work in virtually any medium, allowing us to develop ideal solutions whatever your needs may be. Once we determine your exact requirements we are able to source the perfect materials and apply the ideal process to bring your vision to life.

Polished, frosted, custom-colored, machined, extruded, you name it – we can add that element of prestige to your brand at retail.

Acrylics - Array Marketing Elizabeth Arden, Red Door Spa, New York, NY

Ideal for large production quantities, this is the solution for custom, complex pieces, simple structures and modular parts with a variety of finishes.

Injection Molding - Array MarketingRimmel, Walmart, USA

Clear to opaque, custom colored or with distortion printing, we can vacuum form any size or shape to make your display literally stand out at retail.

Vacuum Forming - Array MarketingCrayola, Toys “R” Us, Times Square, New York, NY

Sheet or cast, perforated or powder-coated… We can provide a sense of permanence and strength to any display with metal.

Metal - Array MarketingOakley Merchandising Tower, China

To bring an elevated level of prestige to fixtures, solid surfaces provide dense, tactile finishes that mimic stone, wood or other natural materials without the seams. Easy to clean and formable, this is a solid choice for long-lasting quality displays.

Solid Surfaces - Array MarketingSephora, New York, NY

Solid wood, laminates, large scale and small, we can bring this natural warmth to any display.

Wood - Array MarketingVictoria’s Secret, New York, NY

Light up your graphics, products or shelves; create ambiance or eye-catching multi-colored illumination. Using light sticks, panels or RGB systems, we know how to integrate LED lighting to make your display glow.

LED Lighting - Array MarketingChristian Dior, Sephora, Meatpacking District, New York, NY

Light weight, strong, and versatile, we can add wire to create structure without weight and provide a skeleton on which to build.

Wire - Array MarketingThierry Mugler, Hudson’s Bay, Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, ON

Ability to Offer Blended Production Programs

When you work with Array, the benefits are countless one of the most important is our ability to efficiently marry our North American manufacturing with our low-cost global sourcing. This allows us to execute programs that deliver significant cost savings while maintaining the flexibility of local manufacturing.

Bended Programs

Ethical Foundation

Array has an uncompromising belief in ethical labor practices and environmental responsibility. We uphold the highest standards in health and safety for all our employees and partners, and maintain long-term partnerships with global manufacturers who share our belief system and who are willing to undergo random Code of Conduct audits.

Array Assurance

When it comes to choosing the right merchandising partner, you want peace of mind. You want to know that your selected team has the size, scale and scope to meet your every need, no matter how those needs may change throughout the process. Quality is a primary focus here at Array – quality service and quality products.
“Our primary mandate is to provide the best value for our customers. Not only do they expect it, but they deserve it.”
John Fielding - Founder
Array is lean, agile, reliable and secure, and the 30-year foundation we’ve worked so hard to build is what sets us apart in today’s market.


Ready to experience the benefits of True Global Manufacturing?

Array works closely with your team to develop programs that best suit your needs.