We bring stunning merchandising displays to life through our unique approach that involves a complete collaboration between design, development, engineering and model making teams.


Where Undoubted Skill Meets Boundless Creativity

From industrial design and architectural backgrounds to graphic design and digital illustration training, the Array team is diverse, accomplished and talented. For over 30 years, we’ve been building specialized knowledge, attending industry events and closely monitoring future trends to ensure that we are always at the forefront of what’s new. Innovative and inspired to our very core, Array’s design and development team is known for its award-winning and engaging merchandising solutions

How We Add Value

Our Design & Development department has much to offer:

  • An innovation-first ideology
  • Broad industry experience
  • Renowned creative design
  • Intelligent value engineering
  • Extensive prototyping capabilities
  • Cutting edge systems and equipment
  • Competitive “speed to market”

D&D Process

Array’s Design & Development Department begins by analyzing each project’s objectives, finding inspiration, compiling research and generating ideas. We then connect and collaborate to develop and visualize those ideas in 3D. Our design and development process enables you to review and evaluate your merchandising program at multiple stages. Ultimately, this ensures that you receive the most creative and effective display solution.

Test Stores/Production

Are you ready to work with a creative, skilled and dependable design and development partner?

Array’s D&D team will make sure that you receive the most creative and effective display solution.