Industrial design. The point where artistry and practicality meet. As, a Manager of Industrial Design at Array, I’ve been a part of this world of metal, molding and magic for over 18 years.

Array is a leading B2B provider of in-store merchandising services, but we are so much more than that. From the perspective of an Industrial Designer, what’s exciting here is our design-first environment with access to cutting edge tools and materials on-site. We are at the front end of the business where no two days, no two projects, are the same. A place where innovation and opportunity are abundant. Array is a company that prioritizes creating value for our customers – and for our customers’ customers.

Here’s what I tell Industrial Design students and potential candidates – Array is a place where you will be part of a continuous evolution, where you will gain extensive exposure within the company and the greater industry; and where you will have an opportunity to excel in your field.

Evolution. From an internal perspective, we are a company in transformation. We are constantly challenged, weeding out methods that don’t work and creating new, efficient processes that stick. As we increase our global presence, we are growing closer as a team with a singular focus on being the best not just at what we design and build but how we help move the dial forward on the evolution of brick and mortar retailing. We are an essential piece of our client’s marketing strategy: to adapt to the way consumers shop.

Exposure. Array is a solution-based design and global manufacturing company specializing in the beauty industry. We work with top retailers like Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Shoppers Drug Mart. We also work with most of the top global brands from Chanel to Urban Decay and more. We design and manufacture almost anything that goes into a store including fixtures, lighting, signage, small product merchandisers and feature fixtures. We use the best sources and materials to design customized pieces on budget and on time. We respond to our clients’ needs by innovating solutions that deepen the value of what we create for our customers. As part of the team, you will have the chance to work face-to-face with our clients, to develop an understanding of what they need, to push their boundaries and ours. As we strive to better understand our clients, the more we can offer them – and you will be a key player in that goal.

Excellence. We work with great people in fantastic open studios that facilitate group thinking and problem solving. Array is a place where you will have access to all of the materials and development you need. Every day there is something new to learn; we often step back and ask ourselves, how can we apply this thinking and leverage this knowledge? Our focus is to make modern product design thinking POP!

Right now, we are looking for the best & brightest. Industrial designers who are artists and innovators; problem solvers and process builders. We need people who can embrace the chaos, work at lightning speed and bring their “Array” game every day. Industrial designers who want to be part of a team, coming together to create solutions and to celebrate success in our work.

At Array, we spend our days pushing the envelope on design and manufacturing, never settling for what has been done before us. Check out our available opportunities and take the next step in your career at an industry leader setting the bar for innovation in the retail display design & manufacturing space.