Array is swiftly retooling production lines to delivery much-needed Custom Personal Protective Equipment

Within days, we’ve pivoted our production to make face shields, retail barriers and shields to protect front-line workers. 

Agility and responsiveness have always been points of pride, but we’re discovering that our flexibility may well be our greatest strength in the face of COVID-19.

Within a matter of days, our plants in Toronto, Canada and Warsaw, Poland will be producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) destined for doctors and nurses working the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Toronto, the municipal government has ordered face shields for hospitals and clinics across the Greater Toronto Area. In Warsaw, we’re working on producing a unique medical goggle that won’t fog up. Additionally, our product development teams are working tirelessly, applying our exceptional industrial design skills to design a better product. Check out this video about the Anti-Fog Material Used for Protective Goggles that our Warsaw team are developing thanks to a supplier with whom we’re sharing technology.

We are actively reaching out to our clients and governments where we have facilities to provide whatever assistance we can, whether that be additional face shields or protective eyewear, or even barriers for retailers to keep their cashiers safe from the virus. Like you, we’re trying to both protect our workers and protect our livelihoods. We hope you’ll reach out to us if there is anything that we can do to help keep your employees safe during this incredibly challenging time.

Workers assembling face shields

Face Shields being Produced on the Assembly Line

plans for goggles

Sharing Technology for new Products