Array is swiftly retooling production lines to delivery much-needed Custom Protective Equipment

Within days, we’ve pivoted our production to make face shields, retail barriers and intubation shields to protect front-line workers. 

Agility and responsiveness have always been points of pride, but we’re discovering that our flexibility may well be our greatest strength in the face of COVID-19. If your company needs PE products, or has an idea for protective equipment that you would like to work with us on, just drop us a line at and we’ll get right to work with you.

As soon as we realized that we were in a position to help, we began the research to develop and retool our production to provide essential products to all kinds of front-line workers. Many of our partners and prospective clients have already inquired about, or expressed interest in, PE and medical supply components, and we are talking to local governments, hospitals, clinics, retailers and potential partners on a daily basis to find out how we can help during this global pandemic.  All the while, we continue to manage our existing day-to-day projects,

Currently we’re working on rapidly developing the following items;

  • Face Shields – a variety of designs for use in multiple industries, including hospital and health-care environments
  • Cash/Aerosol Social-Distancing Protection Guards – custom and prefabricated items that can easily be installed around existing check outs, customer service desks, registration and triage counters
  • Intubation boxes to act as protective shields between patients and medical staff during the intubation process

We remain committed to completing every project from our existing clients. Our production of PPE will not impact our existing and new projects.

We consider it both an honor and our responsibility to support the frontlines and those afflicted with the COVID-19 Coronavirus during what many are calling “war-like” conditions, and we’re so proud of our own front-line production employees who continue to work in our plants. They have stepped up to the challenge to help communities near and far. To make this possible, we’ve adopted many changes to their work environment, including social distancing, in compliance with health guidelines. As for our office employees, a vast majority continue to work remotely.

We’ve always prided ourselves on our agility as a company. In these uncertain times, we’ve learned that it may just be our best quality, while our talented, committed employees continue to be our competitive advantage.