On Tuesday Apr 26th, Array Toronto’s Joint Health and Safety attended the Partners in Prevention 2016 Conference & Trade Show in Mississauga Ontario.

Every year, team manager Geoffrey Nyambaka, Environmental Health and Safety Manager / Array Toronto/Bradford/New York, encourages the committee to explore the newest trends in safety, technology and automation at the show. The hope is that this valuable intel can be implemented at Array making for a safer work environment. The members had the opportunity to meet with many of the top safety solution providers at the conference including 3M, Honeywell, DuPont protection services, Electrical Safety Authority, Ministry of Labour and Kimberly-Clark Professional.

The team saw advancements in automation technology, wearable safety gear and safety equipment for table saws, CNC machinery and laser technology.

Geoffrey said he considers it mandatory to have the entire team go out to see the technology “with their own eyes” so that they have a clear understanding of what it does or how it works and as a result, should make it easier to implement these new advancements at Array Toronto.

Array is always seeking ways to improve processes and technologies to give our partners and customers the best and up to date product. This goes hand in hand with making sure employee safety is the most important factor in company equipment improvements.

About Partners in Prevention 2016

The two-day show focuses on building valuable relationships and growing sales opportunities. Partner in Prevention’s robust show floor will host over 400 booths featuring the latest in market trends, products and services for the health and safety professional.
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