Last week we shared that one of our clients is switching production to make Hand Sanitizer in the face of global scarcity. LVMH, who own Sephora and Benefit brands, have converted three perfume manufacturing facilities to product hand sanitizer gel for healthcare facilities in France.

Today, we’re saluting our indie brand clients who’ve pivoted to switch to hand sanitizer production and other healthcare or hygiene products in response to soaring demand. We know that change of this magnitude can be challenging. We’re offering our expertise and our skills in getting things to market with speed and agility to assist any brand who is looking to make changes.

Array has already begun work to convert some of our production lines to create personal protective gear like face shields and protective goggles. We are sure that many of our clients or prospective clients would love to contribute to combatting the virus in any way that they can. We applaud any company that’s able to pitch in, and to help we pledge that if your brand switches gears to make new healthcare or hygiene products during the COVID-19 pandemic, and you need new merchandising options, we’ll donate proceeds to the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Response Fund.