Dragons’ Den is Canada’s most watched and favorite television program where budding entrepreneurs, inventors and the like “put on their shining armour” and pitch their bright ideas to five “Dragons” – real life millionaires, with real cash, and looking to invest in companies which make it through the fire.
Array’s Designer, Lee Renshaw and his brother tried their luck with their very innovative invention Rise & Hang Luggage, which makes organizing and finding the items in your travel bag very convenient and easy. The inside of the bag unfolds like a shelf making it easy to separate and find the article of clothing you’re looking for quickly. The clothing stays folded, wrinkle free, and there’s even a separate compartment for worn items as well. The dragons loved this idea and the brothers got a few very compelling offers.
Watch the full episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3PYtoL_Icw