This June, Array again proudly welcomed two student interns from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

2018 marked the fourth year that Array has sponsored this internship. The aim of the program is twofold. The internship benefits students by providing the valuable work experience of an international placement in a business environment. In return, these students share new and innovative thinking from around the globe with Array.

Nora Holmen and Carina Gerards are studying for their Master’s Degree in International Marketing at Heriot-Watt University. Array’s Executive Chairman & Head of Global Business Development, Tom Hendren, is an honorary professor at the University, where he lectures regularly on International Marketing.

Nora and Carina were tasked with researching the role of digital technologies and touchpoints in the beauty consumer’s retail journey. Their research will form part of their master’s Dissertations, and has been provided to Array to further our understanding of how digital innovation is changing the face of beauty retailing.

Through extensive industry research, field visits and an online survey, Carina and Nora gathered data from across North America and Europe and analyzed it to find out how beauty consumers feel about the role of digital in their journey to purchase.

Their report and recommendations were presented to the executive team at the end of their 4-week stay.

Here are a few highlights: