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What goes into a great display?

Here at Array, we’ve spent years analyzing client needs, researching industry trends and evaluating key processes. The end result? A distinct competitive advantage you can only get when you choose Array. We take ideas and transform them into retail success. Array has a ‘can do’ attitude and the resources to follow through. Our clients benefit from the Array Advantage with displays that deliver and with the peace of mind that comes from working with the best.


We’re monitoring current & future trends, building technical partnerships and driving innovation internally to ensure we can exceed your expectations.


Resourceful Innovation

Our team is continuously evolving. Whether it’s a new technological find, the development of a cutting edge app, an enhanced material option or the introduction of a unique manufacturing method, our goal remains constant: continuous improvement and innovation. No exception.

 resourceful-innovation-600x400Photographic paper lamination process


Boundless Creativity

At Array our approach to new projects is to create something fresh: original and compelling yet appropriate. With an in-depth understanding of key marketing objectives and the strategic development of brand equity, we dissect and analyze your project and then work together with you to define a solution that best fits your needs.

 inherent-creativity-600x400Use of ‘aircraft fabric’ for abstract shapes


Solution-Based Approach

Array does it right. We apply the appropriate process to achieve the desired result. From materials and manufacturing methods to logistics and installation, we explore all options available. Array molds, shapes and fits the process to the desired result. We use critical thinking that makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

 strategic-problem-600x400Interactive elements for customer education


Value Engineering

At every step, Array strikes the perfect balance between performance and value. At every stage, we work to improve timing, enhance aesthetics and find optimal efficiencies while maintaining the highest level of quality.

 value-engineering-600x400Asian sourcing allowed for multiple materials at reasonable price point


Responsible Green Thinking

Not only do we offer eco-friendly materials but we also design with the end-life of our products in mind, all the while maintaining environmentally sound practices in our facilities to reduce our carbon footprint. We develop systems, displays and fixtures with “green” features including easy disassembly for recycling and updatable parts for reduced material use.

 responsible-green-thinking-600x400Reusable / updateable parts for reduction of materials and waste


We bring brands to life by
creating great retail experiences.


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Array works with your brand and its unique strengths to build retail experiences that entice, educate and engage.